Monday, March 7, 2011

Shit for sale...

in an attempt to finish Trouble in time to break the motor in right & work out any kinks i may have to make the Born Free show..... I went through a little bit of my parts stash to get rid of some shit i won't ever use or i can pick up later.....

First up is a set Rocks chops HUMP bars. Only used them once on a 1800 mile trip then took them off. Extended the ends a bit to fit stock controls & throttle on,

Height: 11.75"
Grip area: 7.25"
Center spacing: 3.5"

Slugged & tigged on the extensions but can be hacked off to your desired width. NO RUST. RAW METAL

$90 + shipping

Old Chopper seat....Pics speak for them selves...Have NO idea what this goes on. I have seen them on Triumphs though... It is what it is.
$70 + shipping....I think that's what i gave for it?

Chrome Stock Banana caliper & Bracket that came of my '77 Shovel. Haven't ran it in 4-5 years but rebuilt it and was working fine when taken off. Pretty new pads & seals.

$150 + Shipping

Brand New 12" Chrome covered shocks for Shovelhead or 4-Speed or what ever your hearts desire. Never used just used in mock up. Payed $ 125 will take
95 + shipping

Gotta sell shit to get shit ya dig?

If interested e-mail me at...

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