Monday, March 7, 2011

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Used Harley '84-'99 solid rear 16" mag, 3/4" axle. Bearings might need to be replaced for good measure. Just dirty from sitting around the shop in pic, will clean up fine. Was going to powder coat black but changed my mind, but would be perfect to clean this wheel up, they look damn good like that i think....Ran it a couple of times rides fine. There is a little ding in it where the red arrow is pointing, i know it's hard to see but it does not effect tire bead or the way it rides. I'll take the tire off if you don't want it, just an old 140 Avon Venom i used for mocking up.... i wouldn't use it. Let me know

$75 bucks + shipping

Harley 19" front mag 13 spoke off an '05 Dyna. Single or Dual disc. Can be used for 3/4" OR 1" axle just add Sealed bearings. Tire in pic is no good. Side walls are cracked too bad. I'll take the tire off before shipping.

$125 + shipping

Here is a stock Gold & Chrome Live to ride derby cover still in the damn box ! Has o-ring included for your primary. 3 Hole design. If i had a primary i would run it just because! GANGSTA!

Hell....hang it in your shop upside down.

$25 bucks SHIPPED !

Harley 40 spoke Narrow glide hub powder coated black. Single disc. 3/4 " or 1" axle. Got some rough spots along the center collar on both sides if you can see in pic, if using a brake rotor your not going to see the left side anyway. Lost my ass on this hub...Had it stripped & powdered 3 times....Never use that guy again. It's a shame but $40 Bucks & it's yours. I never used it.

Can't get this shit any cheaper on e-bay

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