Wednesday, March 30, 2011


3:50 a.m - Alarm goes off....Wonder why I feel like shit

4:40 a.m- 20 oz coffee

5:30 a.m- Refill

6:15 a.m- Greasiest, spiciest Burrito i can get my hands on off the taco truck, & 24 oz Red Bull

7:30 a.m - First break, Bounce off walls, go over list of shit to do for bike

9:45 a.m - 2ND break, Eat 2ND Burrito with Brisket, Jalapenos, spicy potatoes & x-tra hot sauce, 12 oz Mountain Dew

11:30 a.m - Eat lunch, With a big ass cup or bottle of high quality H2O

12:00 - Clock in, think about bike

1:00 - Start Hallucinating, Fuck with old man in maintenance, chase the little clear squiggly things in the air that know body else can see.... think about bike

1:30 - 20 oz cup water & 12oz Mountain Dew

2:00 - Clock out ......Maybe

2:15 - Pass out trying to unlock front door

2:45 - Pick self out of door way, let dogs in, find something to eat

3:30 - Think about bike, run errands, go to shop , Stare at it

5:00 - Start drinking beer till I have a plan.......Repeat 1st step