Thursday, July 29, 2010


see you girls later, loaded down & TBR bound in the land of....nothing,
gonna stop in OK tonight & hangout with the Lords Of Loud boy's tonight i think.., Hell you can't pass up free braughts & home made root beer!!

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Been Busy....





enjoying summer

...tearin shit up
....drinkin too damn much
...bout ready to slow down & get back to TROUBLE....i hope when the motor gets back & I'm all wrapped up & done it'll scream a different name out...but i doubt it. It's been TROUBLE for so long nobody would understand...And i got my DAMN truck back! crazy finding a vehicle in a place big as Austin Texas that don't wanna be found. FUCK YOU if your reading this you have 10 day's or it's back on the choppin block & the first 2G'S gets it..!!
Headed to Kansas bout noonish Thursday for the TBR I'm ready! Had to change bars those FRONT STREET CYCLE bars I had were great but the forward bend put my shoulder's & neck into a little burnin & buzzin after the first 100 miles so trying some different, were too narrow so had to extend the ends a bit...we'll see if it makes a difference

you can't hide from me BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ! FUCKER you got 10 up BITCH

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Been thinking about them lately. There's still a little flicker of a flame left somewhere deep, i can feel it from time to time. Funny how life throws shit at you & changes everything. About 4 years ago i had everything I've ever owned from the time i was born till now stolen from me in a tight ass locked down security storage unit with a privacy pass code only fence around it. Must have been an inside job or a hired gun by my Ex-wife who generally hated anything that made me..ME. I had every issue of BMX Plus & Ride BMX
from 95 to 2006 i believe. I'm a magazine hoarder, I won't throw'em out. My 2 BMX were in there,i would still be ridin'em around. I had the Hoffman TAJ
& after he left the team they basically still sold the frame but changed the name to DEEBO. I bought the DEEBO
cause i cracked the TAJ frame going down a little ass handrail I've done a million times, couldn't believe after the shit i put it through it cracked on that one. Taj was my hero. Got to chat with him a few times in Austin, once at the MTV sports & music festival (the first one i think)in Zeilker park. that was a bad ass time. Got to see White Zombie, Blink 182, Wu-Tang Clan, Everclear, Offspring i can't remember who else? The other time i was riding down Guadalupe street near UT & he was walking with a flat tire so i rode along & drilled him with all kinds of stupid questions but he was the fuckin coolest dude about it. I haven't rode since '02. You wanna know how bad of shape your in? trying doing that shit after all the booze & cigarettes......

Thursday, July 15, 2010


saw this today at lunch, the whole thing was chunky red metal flake, swing arm mounted & molded fender, nice old dude i just can't get pass the sprung seat on a swing arm bike? (with shocks that is) what's with you fellers? get a softail if it's that bad...i'm an asshole....

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Jackson Taylor

if your in the mood for a grinding, honky tonkin, non stop, outlaw booze infested good time then catch the next show! My boy JT never disappoints, any country boy that don't give a fuck about anything but to do it his way & considers Social Distortion the greatest band ever is OK by me.....the dumb video's don't do the music justice as to seeing a show live but it'll do for now....

Munch on this

for a little while....Stoney's new one is comin out soon (hopefully), one of the best there is....


a slacker here lately, i'm a slacker in the summer..that & the good o'le lap top has finally took it's last blow i'm afraid, wont connect to the internet now, yet another one will? i don't know...i've been HERE, and pretty much live there every weekend during the summer when not trying to trip out on 2 wheels somewhere. Hell it's the only thing to do here & it's only 15 minutes outside of town so why not?
I'm a lake bum, i love it, get back to motorcycles shortly........................