Sunday, March 6, 2011


I've just about had it with this fuckin tranny plate or whatever the problem is! spent 2 weekends now trying everything i could thank of to get the pulleys lined up so the belt would stay put.....Guess the only thing left to do is junk this tranny plate since it was on the bike when i got it 7 years ago & this has happened 3 times now over the years. It's always been a BITCH to get the tranny lined up & I'm fuckin over it. Can't use a straight edge to the 2 pulleys because of the clutch hub. I torqued all the motor mount bolts all equal starting with the back ones & even shimmed where needed. The motor is as square as it's going to get in the frame. Going to try a Fab Kevin Mid control plate to link the motor & tranny together also to see if that will help....I really don't like the connection between the 2 i think it's so much cooler & cleaner to have that open space between them but I've lost too much sleep over this shit. Function over form right?? If anybody reading this has any advice or general "your a dumb ass" comments to share please do...... Sunday rants & hangovers suck.


  1. Solution: Get an IRONHEAD! HA just messing with ya Chris. I have no clue how to help you bro or I would be down there to cuss and drink with ya!

  2. Patience, grasshoppa. Use a straight edge from teeth to teeth on the back side of the clutch hub.

  3. funny you should say that cause i was about ready to get drunk, find a hooker, a rope and a tall rafter....think i narrowed it down to a worn front pulley & an 8 year old belt.......maybe