Thursday, March 31, 2011


Snake in the grass!
Bitch ass....

Called Primo...They don't make the 40/62 combo pulley's anymore.Can't find a motor pulley anywhere.....The back one is fine enough....Fuck it, need a new belt anyway might as well get a whole new set up.

Maybe today.....

If i have time....8th grade skills

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

We gotta show this weekend with two of Texas finest! If your down around my area come check it out.


3:50 a.m - Alarm goes off....Wonder why I feel like shit

4:40 a.m- 20 oz coffee

5:30 a.m- Refill

6:15 a.m- Greasiest, spiciest Burrito i can get my hands on off the taco truck, & 24 oz Red Bull

7:30 a.m - First break, Bounce off walls, go over list of shit to do for bike

9:45 a.m - 2ND break, Eat 2ND Burrito with Brisket, Jalapenos, spicy potatoes & x-tra hot sauce, 12 oz Mountain Dew

11:30 a.m - Eat lunch, With a big ass cup or bottle of high quality H2O

12:00 - Clock in, think about bike

1:00 - Start Hallucinating, Fuck with old man in maintenance, chase the little clear squiggly things in the air that know body else can see.... think about bike

1:30 - 20 oz cup water & 12oz Mountain Dew

2:00 - Clock out ......Maybe

2:15 - Pass out trying to unlock front door

2:45 - Pick self out of door way, let dogs in, find something to eat

3:30 - Think about bike, run errands, go to shop , Stare at it

5:00 - Start drinking beer till I have a plan.......Repeat 1st step

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

!!!!!THIS WEEKEND!!!!!

Lonestar Round Up!!

Rad ass Hotrod show!!!Sucks I have to miss this one...., We have to play a gig Friday night but I've been a couple of times in the past & it's a blast, Great folks to be around & the best part is goin down on South Congress towards the Continintal Club that night! Alway's brings the bikes & good dudes out too.

Heres an EVENT schedule

Monday, March 28, 2011

Whiskey Myers...

New album out April 26!! Their second effort, Going to be a good one, Check out the song: Bars, Guitars, and a Honkytonk Crowd. If you can find it...

Friday, March 25, 2011





PLUS A little bit of....

Should make for a good productive Friday night

Velvet Fingers!

Kyle & Jerimy are knockin it out! Going to be a rad Ironhead chop

Come to the party and check it out!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Made it back...

Sore as Hell but still in one piece. Made a trip up to Angel Fire New Mexico last Thursday and found out just how true this stupid t-shirt was.....Apparently I'm a snowboarder. Which makes sense seeing how i hate water skiing & will wake board any day.

Not my thing.....But...It's done, i can say I've been i guess.

Got all the wiring supplies i needed before i left so hopefully i can get the harness knocked out sometime this week....My work schedule changed & its kicking my ass! If I could clock out at 1:30-2 like the assholes said i should be off by it would be that much more sweeter of a change, Oh well, the overtime is nice...Just feel like a damn zombie by the time i do get off. Makes it hard to wanna do shit. Still waiting on all the spacers i need to get the back wheel & brake caliper locked down & the spacers & bungs for the fender so i can weld those up & figure out how to get the sissy bar mounted...I love having a couple of buddies that work at a machine shop who can get me anything i need done out of what ever material i want under the table so to speak. Done right, with the right equipment for nothing more then a case of beer....BUT, I am going to start drinking this beer one by one the longer you fuckers make me wait! Back to choppin.....

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Have a Happy St Pattys Day!

I'm outta here till Monday, remember,Drink green, Smoke green just don't eat green....

Monday, March 7, 2011

More ...

Used Harley '84-'99 solid rear 16" mag, 3/4" axle. Bearings might need to be replaced for good measure. Just dirty from sitting around the shop in pic, will clean up fine. Was going to powder coat black but changed my mind, but would be perfect to clean this wheel up, they look damn good like that i think....Ran it a couple of times rides fine. There is a little ding in it where the red arrow is pointing, i know it's hard to see but it does not effect tire bead or the way it rides. I'll take the tire off if you don't want it, just an old 140 Avon Venom i used for mocking up.... i wouldn't use it. Let me know

$75 bucks + shipping

Harley 19" front mag 13 spoke off an '05 Dyna. Single or Dual disc. Can be used for 3/4" OR 1" axle just add Sealed bearings. Tire in pic is no good. Side walls are cracked too bad. I'll take the tire off before shipping.

$125 + shipping

Here is a stock Gold & Chrome Live to ride derby cover still in the damn box ! Has o-ring included for your primary. 3 Hole design. If i had a primary i would run it just because! GANGSTA!

Hell....hang it in your shop upside down.

$25 bucks SHIPPED !

Harley 40 spoke Narrow glide hub powder coated black. Single disc. 3/4 " or 1" axle. Got some rough spots along the center collar on both sides if you can see in pic, if using a brake rotor your not going to see the left side anyway. Lost my ass on this hub...Had it stripped & powdered 3 times....Never use that guy again. It's a shame but $40 Bucks & it's yours. I never used it.

Can't get this shit any cheaper on e-bay

Shit for sale...

in an attempt to finish Trouble in time to break the motor in right & work out any kinks i may have to make the Born Free show..... I went through a little bit of my parts stash to get rid of some shit i won't ever use or i can pick up later.....

First up is a set Rocks chops HUMP bars. Only used them once on a 1800 mile trip then took them off. Extended the ends a bit to fit stock controls & throttle on,

Height: 11.75"
Grip area: 7.25"
Center spacing: 3.5"

Slugged & tigged on the extensions but can be hacked off to your desired width. NO RUST. RAW METAL

$90 + shipping

Old Chopper seat....Pics speak for them selves...Have NO idea what this goes on. I have seen them on Triumphs though... It is what it is.
$70 + shipping....I think that's what i gave for it?

Chrome Stock Banana caliper & Bracket that came of my '77 Shovel. Haven't ran it in 4-5 years but rebuilt it and was working fine when taken off. Pretty new pads & seals.

$150 + Shipping

Brand New 12" Chrome covered shocks for Shovelhead or 4-Speed or what ever your hearts desire. Never used just used in mock up. Payed $ 125 will take
95 + shipping

Gotta sell shit to get shit ya dig?

If interested e-mail me at...

Sunday, March 6, 2011


I've just about had it with this fuckin tranny plate or whatever the problem is! spent 2 weekends now trying everything i could thank of to get the pulleys lined up so the belt would stay put.....Guess the only thing left to do is junk this tranny plate since it was on the bike when i got it 7 years ago & this has happened 3 times now over the years. It's always been a BITCH to get the tranny lined up & I'm fuckin over it. Can't use a straight edge to the 2 pulleys because of the clutch hub. I torqued all the motor mount bolts all equal starting with the back ones & even shimmed where needed. The motor is as square as it's going to get in the frame. Going to try a Fab Kevin Mid control plate to link the motor & tranny together also to see if that will help....I really don't like the connection between the 2 i think it's so much cooler & cleaner to have that open space between them but I've lost too much sleep over this shit. Function over form right?? If anybody reading this has any advice or general "your a dumb ass" comments to share please do...... Sunday rants & hangovers suck.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Strut peek...

I don't know how well this is going to work.... or how they'll turn out. Sometimes my ideas are really do-able, just don't always have the right shit to pull it off so it's always compromised. Which i fuckin HATE! One day I'll have all the "right" tools. But here's a little peek...5/8 Stainless Double barrel style! Hopefully get'em finished sooner then i thought. It's hard getting shit done under the table when your on company time..., right Boone?. But ain't that what we do? In the name of chopper freedom?


was goin through hard drive last night. I have 2 very large folders with Shovel chops & 1 with Shovel-swing arm chops I go through from time to time when I need motivation or waiting on parts & so on & so on....found this one....I love this shit! Don't know where it came from....looks Jap-a-Neezy sleezy