Thursday, September 29, 2011

It's the little things....

That i love most. These will complete my hot rod Super E. Thank you for making cool shit.

Keino's got'em


Knowbody gives a shit honestly, Cancel it allready!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Watched Rambo First Blood last night for the first time in probabbly 10 years. Reminded me of one of my favorite knives. Gerber LMF2


Am I the only one who remembers this cartoon??! Knowbody I ask remembers....I asked for the Condor bike every birthday & Christmas, never got it.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Random Twine Ball Run2 pics...

Thomas's Nightster. Love it. Led Sled frame, Suguar Bear front end.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday, September 4, 2011


Worked on the '77 a good bit Friday night & Saturday afternoon. For some reason I got all excited like someone lit a fire under my ass & got to doing shit! I think it comes from actually getting to ride & be around my broSS who feel the same way I do about motorcycles & chop's .
This town of 24 thousand people has no heart or soul that i live in. It's pretty much every man for him self which baffles the shit out of me considering theres actually some knowledge around the area. But no body gives a fuck what the other guy is doing, It's weird, kind of like a damn prideful competition or some shit. There is no " Hell yeah grab some beer & lets do it!"..... Makes me sad. Theres a select few that you can count on but that's it, and it's not that often it works out.

OK OK bitchin & cryin over with...My mind goes off on rabbit trails sometimes & I can't stop it ! Everything is what it is for a reason right?

Really happy with how the paint turned out...TurboNate took my drawings & shit out of my head & made it happen fo reals! Ended up being way more subtle then i expected...It's on the verge of being "Ghost" flames but now i wouldn't change it at all! I love the Red he mixed up for the front. One day I'll quit takin pics with my phone & try to do it justice.

Still gotta wire it , plumb it, figure out my exhaust, & fab up a sissy bar/fender support which I'll put the tail light & license plate on also...I think i may have positioned the fender & sissy bar bungs a little too far back now that i look at it out side...Goes further past the end of the swing arm more then i realized. Oh well. Too late now it'll have to stay that way till i get everything broken in good & some good miles on motor then I'm going to hard tail it the right way for good.
The front end is still giving me fit's on trying to get the wheel spaced right...Made 4 different set's of spacers trying to get it right. I'm about to chunk the bulky stock calipers & just get a set off a Jap bike & call it good. Being Jockey shift I want front brakes. Plus I don't ride too cautious as it is & love having top performance shit at my finger tips.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Me, Kyle, Heath & Don Wood were bored....So we hopped on into town where there is a new little sports type bar with A fuckin C!! Kansas is a miserable, flat, windy, HOT, square HELL hole to me & don't know if I'll ever go back hahah! Twice is enough for me i think....Don Wood said fuck this lets go make some memories.So...all these locals showed up about the time we did, round noon for family lunch time i suppose, and it was a little uncomfortable till i seen a juke box in the corner & i say to Kyle, "Wonder if they have any Slayer on that thing?" Jokingly.....He took it serious and fired that bitch up with a couple of greenbacks & they were not happy HAHAHAHA, But then the cook turned it up to 11 & made it even better! We ended up staying there 5 fuckin hours & ran the locals off. It Was great. Here's some of the pics, I was really too busy having a good time with just being drunk right after breakfast to take any worth a damn.........

This old boy was huffin & puffin trying to eat his samich....But kept missing his mouth cause he was too worried about what we were doing across the way. I was having a good time watching all his facial expressions everytime Kyle bust out laughing or screamed I LOVE THIS FUCKIN SONG!

I think Don Wood danced with anything that moved the time we were there....

Why can't you say Scalp'em anymore??