Thursday, June 10, 2010


So, like I said before I'm headed to the ATX today after work, pretty excited, I can't focus on work today! Not because of the R.O.T rally, but just to go back to Austin my home away from home I miss it!!! The R.O.T is dumb. Yet it's my 6Th ( or is it 7Th?) year to go. It's one of those MEGA rally's that's nothing but trailered Iron Horses, baggers, Bourgets, etc etc... That never come out of the 80 grand enclosed air conditioned trailers that are pulled by 250 grand worth of RV/rockstar buses. You can't even ride your bike around the grounds because of the 4x4 20ft tall golf carts everywhere....but oh well I guess I can check out to see if Brett Michales is gonna keel over Saturday night during his hour set hahaha. I'll try to take pictures of anything worth taking of, usually gets pretty stupid at night with all the titties & naked critters walkin around, check y'all later I'm out till Sunday

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  1. Did Gary Coleman die of the same thing that Brett Michaels had?

    No, they were different strokes.