Monday, June 7, 2010

I woke up today with my mood in the way. Then looked up & realized we are 6 months into this motherfucker. I've had my head down so busy trying to get shit done like I'm racing against something but I don't know what?, and it's been fighting me tooth & nail the whole way. Work is slow & funds are low. Motor is now waiting on me to send some green, gotta figure that out, repo my truck, re-sale it (again), fuckin yuppie ass motherfuckers. Headed to Austin Thursday after work to the R.O.T again this year so I'll get to go by buds cycle shop which is like a huge garage sale for pull off parts, I'm talking boxes, shelves & piles of shit to the ceiling, maybe I'll find something for nothing. Planning on going to the Smoke out west next weekend but I'll know when the time comes, may have to pull the plug on that one.....umm what else? Oh, my dog has fleas, computer is stilled fucked & I'm going to relax now & enjoy the rest of the summer! Cheers

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  1. Heard that. I was hoping to ride the Shovel to the Smoke Out, but I don't know if I'll have it able to do 300 miles by then.