Friday, February 5, 2010


so here's what i know. shovelhead sprocket + '02 mag wheel = no wueno. the center of sprocket is 2" and the wheel is 2 1/4". so gotta figure that out,find a different sprocket or re-build and powder (chrome was shot) the old hub and wheel and just go with it


  1. Bore the center out of the sprocket. I've had to do it on pre-99 rotors to fit on a '00-up hub before.

  2. yup. i beleive your right, i want to use this wheel. how'd you go about it?

  3. Measure the outside diameter of the lip on the hub, take it to a machine shop and get them to bore the center of the rotor out. The bolt pattern is the same, but the ID is different.