Tuesday, February 9, 2010


so while i was living in Austin they have the LoneStar Roundup every year.. i had no idea what it was but all i heard was there was bunch of cool bikes and a TON of custom hot rod's. and that was good enough for me! i got off work too late to make it to the spot but a little birdie told me everybody was meeting down on South Congress and i could catch all the action there.PERFECT! i went to the Continental Club almost every day after work anyway for at least one beer and it was like 4? blocks away from the floor i was sleeping on. instantly walked upon my favorite bike, the cleanest coolest shovel I've seen in person. start talking to the guy bout it and he wasn't from around here! But the coolest bloke i came across..thanks for putting up with all the questions Matt! i'm sure you don't remember as well as i didn't till i just came across some pictures from that night, what 2 year's ago? went the next day and found the Dice booth.....( and yes, they wouldn't let me leave with out takin 4 mags for 20 hahaha)

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