Monday, February 1, 2010


woke up this morning with this fucked up feeling in my an instant disappointing feeling like i did something or gave in to something that i really didn't want to do ya know that feeling? a discontent with the way this bike is going is what it was. I'm not sure.... but i need to rethink some shit. ever happen to you? ( i think the bike is trying to build itself another way then where i was going....) It haunts me in my sleep. Feeling like it should be named Christine.I'm not trying to do anything but make it functional but still chopped. it's a 70's bike but I'm no where near doing that "period correct" shit. i like newer pull off parts to make it where i can beat the shit outta it. but it ain't feeling right.


  1. i know, punch me in the forehead dude! no i'm motivated, just waiting on part's let's my mind wonder into a whole different deminsion. this motherfucker's talking to me. i keep seeing 3 different way's of doin shit like somebody slipped me some peyote..

  2. That happens...I've balked a couple of times on shit, but I'm gonna stay the course and see how shit turns out.