Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wasted day's & wasted nights

I can here Freddy Fender now! Well i should be about half way to Arizona right about now....But life said other wise. So I'm gonna take my 8 day's off anyway's & i get to tear the Transmisson out of my truck, Figure out how to keep my AC unit working in this 107 bullshit heat, & might JUST might get to wire my bike, Put on some new 4" over front tubes that should be here thursday, Put on the old pipes till i make some or have the money for what i want & plumb it. We'll see what the next 8 day's has instore...Cause i learned awhile back when shit get's in your way & out of your control no matter how hard you try to make it work...Sometimes you just gotta turn one up and say FUCK IT.

Hell there's other shit that'll be going on, summer just started. When's the BDAC having a Damn party??!!!!

I'll stick my 2 BF3 tickets in the keep sake box, Ya'll be safe!!


  1. Getting everything set up will be towards the end of summer.

  2. SOON! My friend and you better be there and all the Lords of Loud Boys. Gonna be a nightmare all of us together.