Monday, June 13, 2011


Just got back from Austin....Didn't take but a couple of pics cause i was too busy burning the fuck up & riding my Twin cam motor sickle! It was nice blowing the Dyna down the road though! It took me a long time to get over my pride...I wasn't happy about owning a newer bike at all but now I'm with Timebomb, I love my Dyna! You see....I don't get to take enough time off or at all to go places. So when i split it's in a mad dash & hard. Sometimes too hard, I don't really get to relax or have the time to enjoy the road. Some may say that defeats to purpose of going through life on 2-wheels. You know, Just floating along with the wind, take your time, easy breezey freedom. But I would have missed out on a lot of good times & would have never met the people i know now today if it wasn't for being able to get off on a Friday after work, strapping on a pack & tearing ass!! Only thing I can't get over though is it's a fuel injected '05....Now, I haven't searched or heard the history on this but apparently it was either A) An option? or B) It was a later '05 & they just started making them standard equipment starting in '06 & started putting them on ....I don't know. But it sure makes it hard for a paycheck to paycheck kinda dude to change pipes & shit. I hate computer B.S on a fucking bike. Don't get me wrong it fires up no matter what and the throttle & response is amazing but....I just don't like it. But i quit my bitching cause i could never go 85-90mph for 3 hrs in 102 degree weather on my Shovel that's for sure & never will haha! When I'm done with the Shovel all extra money will be saved for an RB Racing or Thunderheader exhaust, S&S cam swap with gears, & re-mapping the computer for tuned perfection. That ALL i wanna do to it & I'm just gonna ride to shit outta it when i need to get there in a hurry. But i miss my Shovel an awful bit, it's my soul mate. I really don't like much...but with out drunk buddy's into the same shit around & having an extra bike to ease the pain i just don't have any HURRY THE FUCK UP in me. I'm in a dehydrated overheated state of delusion at the moment & have no idea what i'm rambling about or why I'm on the fucking computer typing right now any way's......Later

I really need to finish the fucking seat

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  1. Don't think too hard man, you'll hurt yourself. Just ride and give two fucks about dumbasses, bike nighters, posers and scenesters.