Monday, June 6, 2011


My brother from an Arkansas mother, Great guy to have on your side, Met Nate at the Lords of Loud Hoedown & it's been love ever since.....

He built this bike for less then some of us spend on fucking beer & groceries a month... and beats the HELL outta it!

Pan frame, Evo, 4-speed jockey, & he painted it, swap & trade here & there for all the parts and there you go....Did it the old fashion way with what he could get his hands on. Didn't get many detailed pics but it's cool to me especially when it's done that way.

He liked my bike and said it deserved a real paint job on the tank...I told him i had something in my head but this bike has never been painted & didn't know if i could pull it off & he offered up his services.

Now he keeps sending my teaser shots hahaha, From what I can tell he fucking nailed it!

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