Saturday, February 5, 2011

Speaking of hangovers.....

ooooof.....Double Crown & Coke slushies will kick your ass. But if your a professional beer drinker like we are around here....I highly recommend this miracle drug that's not even a drug!

Kinda pricey & a weird funky green taste like you got too close to the rind on water melon while chompin down..but WELL worth it! down 1-2 of the 33 Oz. ones & your ready to go fly a kite again....insane super re-hydration.

On another note...I picked up these dual disk lowers up for the Shovel. This bike never had rear brakes so I'm just not into doing the no front brake thing. Just ain't my deal...I like performance. And as stupid as i ride most of the time it's just a damn good idea to have not one...but TWO fronts hahaha.

Their in rough shape but I'll put the okie doke on'em so the look decent when I'm done


And the ones i shaved & polished are for sell to fund these shenanigans. So if you want'em,

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