Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Funny story.....

Sooo I've been knee deep in stripping & re-finishing kitchen cabinets all weekend, (except for Friday night i worked on the Dyna seat a little but I'll get into that later...) So i get a call from my boy Brent Saturday evening, who hopefully is gonna make the Born Free trip with me, & He says, "hey i got a Shovelhead problem over here at a gas station..I'm pretty sure the voltage regulator is fucking up & the battery is over charging...do you have an extra one or know anybody who has ? The guy is just passing through town." I said, well i have mine I'll gladly let him have to get him back on his way if he can wait 20-30 min for me to run to the shop and grab it? Not a problem he says.....so i get there & i can't quit shaking the guys hand cause he looks soooo familiar....? Then i said oh shit! we were drunk laying in the dirt together on drunk on some shitty whiskey on the Lone Star river run talking about Texas country & where some good venues were & you kept calling this guy "Smooch"! he just looked at me and says........That's because his name really is Smooch....HAHAHAHA Small world glad to help a guy out! I had no idea who or what i was going to approach at that gas station, If you have the time or part or what ever....at least stop & see if the guy who's broke down is OK or just needs a smoke......Jesse, i hope you made it back to Bryan College Station all right my friend..& come back through town anytime!! HOLLA!!

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