Thursday, February 24, 2011

I HATE math.....

Spent 4 hours last night getting the rear wheel, fender centered up to make spacers and bungs to get it locked down....i was afraid the sprocket might be a tad too offset but i think it's gonna work out.

Came up with a better strut idea also....the left one always has lined up

But the right one never did.... & it's stupid. Drove me nutty thinking all the weight was out there on the end of the shock stud so i came up with an idea that is going to eliminate them all together

And hopefully slim up the rear a bit also...Stay tuned.....


  1. Yes'er, I've ran'em before for a year or so but i think the ones i'm working on right now will look better....and won't stick out so far. This is the only square swing arm i've come across with the bottom shock mounts in the wrong place.....It's like someone cut the stock ones off & threw some bungs in the middle of it which throws the alignment off....stupid.