Saturday, November 6, 2010


I started on this stock couch today...i hate wide seats. Wanted to keep the thickness of it though.

took the foam off the pan & put it back on bike to get an idea where i wanted to start trimming...i got close to frame rails as i could in front & mostly on the inside of the top of the fender in the rear.

You can see my sharpie marks where i needed to trim...close to 2 inches... should of used a silver sharpie!

After i got most of it trimmed with a cut off wheel on the grinder i shaped each side to match with a hand file, the pan is just plastic so it was super easy just tedious trying to get each side to match.Then laid the foam back on to see how much to whack my turkey knife out & started shaving

...the knife works ok for the bulk part of it but i really wish i had a Bosch foam knife but they want you to sell your kidneys to pay for it! I'll finish shaping the edges with a die grinder.

I like how it turned out & I'll probably finish it through out the week, can't decide on how to cover it?

I could go stupid crazy on tooling & hand lacing the leather which takes me forever or maybe just something simple & timeless.....give me some ideas!! Got any artwork???


  1. i love the square sides of it! nice job man!

    I say a simple sleak tuknroll

  2. Great write up bro, looks great! I'm no good on art work or advice, i'm sure you will do it right.

  3. i was thinking just a simple tuck n roll when i started also, but i have to tool something in it, i can't just leave it alone! hahaha

  4. What do you wanna tool? I can doodle some for you.

  5. i like the way you doodle....