Monday, November 1, 2010

Fajita Cooker..

make you one! you'll be glad you did. I can't cook'em any other way now...
2 plow disc
1 junk car rim
1 piece of pipe (cut to your desired height)
make bottom disc adjustable to control heat
weld up, clean rust off with wire wheel & grinder, oil up & fire up....
Be sure to season top disc with oil & heat. let it soak in & burn off.
1 Package of Fajita meat, Veggies (i prefer sliced Jalapenos & Onions)
pour your favorite beer in food & down your throat and you can't go wrong!
sorry for the B.S post but i got nothing else....ENJOY!!!


  1. Dude that is awsome, can I have some?

  2. Yep, I'm makin one! That is all there is to it.

  3. What kind of disk and wire wheel do you suggest I use to clean the rust off? The disk I have has heavy rust on it.
    danny odom
    lubbock, Tx.

  4. I love these fajita cookers , after my brother and I built one and notice how tender and juicy the fajitas turned out I started building them . Feel free to look at my site , .

  5. I have some new custom Fajita cookers and fire pits added to my site.