Thursday, November 11, 2010

Help needed.....

A buddy of mine called me up saying every time he puts his bike into first gear it instantly shuts the motor off..I'm like HUH? so i go look at it and the drive shaft, (dumbest shit ever in my opinion) is loose & not even connected! This is when i tell him if he would of just got an H-D like i told him this wouldn't be a problem...maybe something else but not this HAHAHAHA! so i get it back to the shop to figure it out & this is what happened,

It seems that the splined shaft inside the hub snapped on the end & every where I've looked is telling me you can replace just about every little piece inside this bastard BUT that...? It's the one between 8&9

So, The whole assembly, from what I've found from the local Yamaha shop & online, is over 700 bones! & neither one of us want to do that, it's ridiculous. So if anybody that knows anything about Jap bikes, knows where to find used or cheaper parts, or knows if that gear can be taken out & replaced, PLEASE E-mail me! It's an 02' V-Star 650...


  1. dont buy new, obviously. Used if you can. Or switch it out with a virago 535 parts. Same thing.

    Great info, its in the suspension tab:


    PS.- hope you been doing well!

  2. Fuck yeah that's what i was looking for & needed to know, thanks brudda!