Thursday, August 5, 2010

This thing ran like a beast! I'm over feeling wrong about riding a "newer" bike. it is what it is. But, after long trips like that it makes you re-think things so I'm gonna have to fix some shit more to my liking and a little more comfortable to put in hard miles. Going to be altering the stock couch since it feels like a booster seat for a 2 year old....& who's ass is that wide??? Gotta change bars..again..cant seem to find what i'm after after 7 different sets have killed my neck & shoulder's after 100 miles in...& i wan't the speed-o back on, don't talk shit. And what's with all the fucking wiring MoCo????


  1. Just get a small, bar mounted, all weather GPS as a speedo. You can use it when you want, put it on different bikes and if you get lost it's there.

  2. yeah? i don't guess i've seen those, any links?