Monday, August 9, 2010

Riding shot

of me taken by Biltwell Bill put up on the Chop Cult..pretty cool Bill THANKS!


  1. Chris you are a ripper man, nice walmart shirt! ha. Need some of your expetise on the Big Twin FXR holla at me, lets ride.

  2. hey man at least its a Dickies! My arms were on fire son haha. I still can't beleive you got that for nothing with NO fuckin miles on it, i paid more for my blown up Shovel!! Honestly i say change bars,exhaust,air cleaner, adjust carb, and pound the HELL out of it! Come winter time you'll know what you want to maybe brakes, lines, shocks etc....think performance. It's not a chop it's a monster if you unleash it haha