Sunday, April 25, 2010

No news is good news....

ever heard that saying? i have all my life & it SUCKS!! Haven't heard anything on my motor in 23 day' i figured I'd wait till Friday & then call them. Well funny thing Mark from Arizona Custom Motor's & Machine beat me to it. And it wasn't good news. I never really felt like the shovel was on it's last leg cause it ran strong & stout but that's exactly what he said. He said for a 33 year old motor they definitely got their miles out of it HA. Gotta replace 3 outta 4 rocker arms, rocker shaft's, valve guides, cam, roller's on the tappet's, front tappet block...uh let see what else was it? OH, yeah, the fuckin FLYWHEELs! i guess I'm looking for a good set of 80" flywheels..anyone?? E-mail me.

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