Sunday, April 11, 2010

Birthday Ride....

I havent been able to just go ride around and fuck off the whole day in a long while. Been couped up at work & then the shop trying to finish the Shovel before June. That's my goal anyway's...So it was my birthday & i did just that, it felt good to take advantage of the badass spring time weather. Didn't get out very far i ended up at my buddy Leonard's house where he has a shop packed full of all kinds of cool shit! When i run into a problem or idea i can't quite figure out that's who i go to, he's been turning wrench's & painting since he popped outta his mama. It's been awhile since i went & just hung out with him so i showed up & of course he's working on something so i just walked around & took pictures while he was busy.
Here's a few to look through..i took a shit load so i'll just post them here & there over the next few day's cause i'm still waiting on some stuff from powdercoaters & gotta hang lights up over the work bench before i can start in on the pretting up on the buffing wheel.

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