Tuesday, January 19, 2010


this is where i come from. BMX was my LIFE all through the 90's up to 01', lost track of it for the last 8 years...really regret it...what happened? Life. got a regular job, met the wrong woman, partying, booze never got out of this fucked up small minded town whatever. everybody's got their story. Alway's had the goal to make it to the X-games (before it turned out the way it is now) it was about style,passion, love of being on a bike and being different i suppose? Every one said i could have, oh well so what?! I graduated to two wheels with a motor somewhere along the way and i dont regret that one bit! If it's got 2 wheels i'm riding it no matter what. These guy's right here were a HUGE influence on me and my insperation.Forever two wheels.

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