Thursday, January 7, 2010

not much progress last night, got too damn cold and ran outta beer. did get the fender strut's on though...not sure if this is the way i wanna go yet or not? not what's swimmin around up stairs, Ratchet's not sure either hmmmmmm.....i'll know alot more after i get the fender and start playin around


  1. Trying to figure out a fender on a swinger is a pain in the ass. I'm doing the same thing right now. If you're gonna do struts though, I'd think about a shortened bob-tail.

  2. Yes it is. i'm with ya on that J-Rod i think i'll get one and see how i looks!


    It's not a swingarm frame, but I always liked the trim down sides on this one.

    Then again, you can also turn it up and in if you want ditch the struts and just use the frame.