Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Somebody told me once that i get seasonal depression and i fake laughed and walked away...now i beleive them. I absolutley hate winter. I have NO motivation for anything, WHAT THE FUCK! I have no time to waste spring is creepin up on my ass and i have gotten NOWHERE on my bike


1. Rebuild lower end on motor
2. Finish fab work on frame & rear/fender
3. Finish tank or go with regular sporty tank
4. Powder & re-lace front wheel
5. Pick up rear wheel from powder, put in new bearings, tire, & figure out spacers
6. Fab mid-controls/make said mid-controls actually work!
7. Shave fender mount's off lower legs (maybe front brake tab too, haven't decided)
8. Re-build 4 Speed, or stick with shitty 5 into 4 revtech that's running
9. Find lower 11" shocks
10. Buy new chain
11. Mock up/tear down Take frame, swing arm, sprocket, oil tank, battery box, to powder coater
12. Polish bars and front end
13. Put all this shit back together & wire it up
14. Pray that it starts
15. ETC, ETC .............

What's funny is that i can sit here and waste time on a fuckin computer bitchin and moaning about it but i can't make my ass go to the shop!

Maybe i'm thinking about it too hard?
I could compromise on alot of the thing's i wanted do & just be done with it. But i've done that all the other times.
I don't want to compromise. I do have the twinkie to ride but it's not fuckin me. no matter what i do to it it has no soul....

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  1. If you're not anxious about it, you're not serious.

    If you need any help...