Sunday, January 30, 2011


What a relief to finally drop the motor in! I forgot about everything in life that's been bothering me after that! I still am. Not a damn thing matters now but to stay steady on finishing. Fuck work, Fuck money, Fuck the asshole who let my dogs out ( that's a weird ass feeling getting home from the bar drunk & your dogs are running all over the neighbor hood, Gate's pushed in the WRONG way & a cop comes slow rolling hitting you with spot lights!) , Fuck IT! Troubles pulling on my nut sack. He's pissed off for being down so long & so am I. I had this weird trip back to when i first tore this thing apart the first time i got it.

GOT to figure this shit out. I'm over it, It's time to roll. gotta do what i was gonna do in the first place, Flat fender, put the struts back on, re-work this old sissy to make it all fit nice....& be done.

Still got all the little shit to do & figure out, gonna just work with what i got, gotta make my 2 existing coils work in the stock location, get tranny lined up, get rear wheel lined up & figure what spacers i need to make blah blah stay tuned........

oh & make controls (First idea didn't quite work out so back to drawing board) & pipes. Still a ways to got but... feel good about it


  1. BRO that thing looks bitchin, but don't strut it, get a front street fender, do a swingarm mount fender, that thing looks great tho man!!!!