Wednesday, January 26, 2011


All right....I've come up with all kinds of deadend's so here it goes....

Harley part # 63543-82...................anyone got a line on one of these?

Their trying to charge me $38 bucks for it from the Stealership. Fuck them....Again...$12 bucks for shipping??? It's smaller then a thimble & weighs less then 3 fuckin BB's! ....Whatever.....i'm determined to NOT buy it from them but I HAVE to have it!

It's the top oil line connector for a Shovelhead rocker box that restricts the oil flow down a notch.

Sorry not many progress pics yet....I've been dealing with trying to find all the little bullshit like this that I've either A.lost, B. Swallowed, or C.just needs to be replaced because it's junk...Just about got every bolt nook & cranny replaced with new Allen type hard ware...i HATE acorn nut shit.


  1. this is waylon from the bdac. i've got a cheap chrome one made somewhere in the orient if ya gotta have one. i've got all 4 of 'em if ya need.

  2. Thanks man, as long as it's the right part # i don't care where it's made hahaha i'm just looking for 1, for the bottom of the rear rocker box the part # is important because it actually RESTRICTS the oil flow to the rocker box's down.....sounds weird i know