Friday, September 17, 2010


its fucking FRIDAY! Long ass week...still not done with this house. Got 13 day's to be done packed & moved in! can it be done?? Hell no. Not working all day at normal job it ain't! HAHAHA I took off today to do a boob job on some walls & put lights up so i can see where to shit in a empty bath room. What happened to motorcycles???

Here's a couple more that always made me itch to tear mine down...

I'm over the swing arm shit. I love'em but its also because that's what i had to deal with & no way i could get started on a rigid frame while keeping the original frame. Also the whole numbers matching & title shit always kept me from doing what i wanted but i really could careless now....although i may wake up tomorrow wishing different. Thinking about selling it as a roller like it is....After working on it all last winter & non at ALL through summer I'm bored with it & keep dreaming of my ultimate ride....I'm bored with this.......Motor will be here soon, that may change everything

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