Friday, September 3, 2010

busy busy...

been remodeling a house the last 2 weeks or so, it's whipping my ass...have till Wednesday to finish the outside so it'll be slow around here but I'm declaring September Shovelhead month! I'll be posting poched pics of my favorites all month cause I'll be getting my motor back finally!! (That's what he say's....)flywheels were holding me back & some get going on it moolah but it's all good now, Can't believe it cost $350 to ship the bastard....I would rather drive to AZ & pick it up but did the math & I'm not saving much so fuck it.It's been a great experience working with Mark & I'd like to kiss ass now & thank Wendy from Spartan frameworks for hooking me up with'em, of course we'll see how it holds up to my abusing way's!, i kid i kid...I'm sure it'll be fine if George Counes trust'em. Had more problems then i was expecting but that just part of it. There's not much left original except for the cases & rocker box's now after the top end fiasco a few years ago, So if it don't act right this time I'll blow that bitch to the moon!......Too many Rockstars this morning.

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