Sunday, July 25, 2010

Been Busy....





enjoying summer

...tearin shit up
....drinkin too damn much
...bout ready to slow down & get back to TROUBLE....i hope when the motor gets back & I'm all wrapped up & done it'll scream a different name out...but i doubt it. It's been TROUBLE for so long nobody would understand...And i got my DAMN truck back! crazy finding a vehicle in a place big as Austin Texas that don't wanna be found. FUCK YOU if your reading this you have 10 day's or it's back on the choppin block & the first 2G'S gets it..!!
Headed to Kansas bout noonish Thursday for the TBR I'm ready! Had to change bars those FRONT STREET CYCLE bars I had were great but the forward bend put my shoulder's & neck into a little burnin & buzzin after the first 100 miles so trying some different, were too narrow so had to extend the ends a bit...we'll see if it makes a difference


  1. Hurry up and finish that thing...
    - J. Hayes

  2. WHAT'S UP MAN!! dude i took the summer off but i'm ready to get on it now..of course i've changed my mind on some things LOL