Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ready to hit the road!

Well the Big Mountain Run is here upon us once again & i'm not missing it this go round. I figure i'll clock in bout 3000 miles on this one so i decided to change the Dyna up a little bit to accommodate my left shoulder killing me every time like clock work right around the 400 mile mark. An old Bmx injury to came back to haunt me all of the sudden 14 years later....Some 6 inch risers off of a Nightrain & some old Sportster buckhorns oughtta do the trick! Went for a few test runs & way different then anything I've ever been used to. Gonna have to get it down pretty quick. I can really tell the 4" over tubes are on front with this set up for sure. I'm used to being agressive in and around traffic & corners but i almost lost it on the first test ride haha! Going to work on the seat tonight, the temporary bandana cover didn't last too long in the sun.... I'm excited to see the East again, maybe the rain will hold off this time. Jarrod i'm going to make a detour to give you shit if you don't show up.


  1. Thanks for sharing these awesome photos with us. I hope you had a great time on the road. Have a great rest of your day and keep up the posts.
    Greg Prosmushkin