Sunday, April 8, 2012

I suck...

at keeping this thing updated & going.
I've been busy on the shovel redux & not many pics of it. Had to rethink the oil tank and mounts with this tranny, Trying to get ass end worked out. Played with a few different wheel options & i'm going with a 90's 13 spoke mag. Rather have a 9 spoke mag but this is good, on hand, & i dig the silver & black contrast on it. FUCK rear spokes. I've had my fair share of dealing with tubes & flats. It sucks & i can just put a plug in a mag on side of road to tide me over. Waiting on an axle to actually get the rear spacing right with the Fab Kevin bracket & caliper I'm going to use. Which I'm going to need a left side Tokico caliper to work with bracket at ^ O'clock position. Ive got it on backwards in pic to work on spacers

Hoping to get fender & sissybar back on this week & knock the seat pan out & drop motor in. I'm tired of waiting so once it's all together i'm not pulling it apart to repaint frame...I'm ready to beat the hell out of it. Call me lazy

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