Friday, February 3, 2012

Oh Trouble.....

I've had this damn bike for going on 9 years....I had the money saved for an engagement ring but she was a bitch so i used the money on a 1977 FX from a scrap yard that picked it up in a Police auction instead. It's been a love hate relationship from the first weekend I bought it & shattered a piston. It's caused me & put me through more shit then i care to type about. It's taught me everything i know about "getting it" to how to NOT go into a corner too hot jockey shifting with no brakes drunk.... I've learned how to stay up when a tranny decides to lock up going 45 & what it's like to kick for 2 hours trying everything possible to get it started after a rain storm only to realize that the up-swept fishtails were full of water. So many lessons & memories. Lots of time adjusting push rods,& cleaning oil off of my face after a ride. This is my bike. The one & only that made me. My first big twin. First Harley. It means something. People around here don't get it, & i don't expect them to. That's why i suppose i stick to myself most of the time. I've given up on it a few times but it kept reeling me back in. It's almost been parted out, and sold on many a time only to not work out for some reason or another. It's hanging on to my ass & i just keep coming back.

I came home from work Tuesday for lunch & wasn't hungry, very rare. I go out & look at it & realized I've stared at this fucker for 4 months just needing to wire it & fire it up for the first time in ...FUCK, closing in on 3 years. Somethings missing..I didn't know what my problem was. I know it took me forever to pay for the motor rebuild cause it wasn't pretty. But what else? The Goddamn rear end was eating me up. So my head snapped back on my shoulders & with in the hour had it tore down to the bones.

I got all giddy like a 15 year old school girl. Got the fire back in my belly. I've wanted to hard tail it since i got it! The right way! it goes to Garage Company for some long over due love. I feel like I'm back on track & have my MoJo back. Fuckin stoked. Don't understand why i kept putting it off? Larry it's in the mail!

Stupid story.


  1. What a great story and love for two wheels. I get it man. Can't wait to see you on it rolling in the wind. Congrats on pulling the trigger.

  2. And i totally fucked you on an oil tank....Didn't realize i dropped the ball till i seen the buell pic. I think it looks better with the barrel oil tank anyways haha! I guess I can say i made your mind up for you, sorry broSS! I'll make it up to you the next time we kick it!

  3. Fuck yeah. Larry will fix it up right.