Friday, October 14, 2011

Texas Music...

Absolutely NO words to describe it. Some call it Texas Country, Red Dirt, Even "Americana"... all the same......I'm gonna start posting all of the Music Fog series videos( which are all acoustic & i believe are recorded in Steamboat Colorado at the big music festival) and regular videos, some live, on this here Blahhhhg for awhile till I feel like I got it outta my system. Yes I been a drinkin a few too many listening to all the Friday night Texas football games goins on that's occupying the radio waves tonight. And this won't appeal to everyone unless you understand....Don't matter. But I feel like sharing some of the fine music we have here that pretty much happens 24/7 anywhere you want where ever you are in this big bastard. Don't get me wrong, Not everyone or band is from Texas...But it's where most of them stay, live, or claim. No fuckin way i could share all of what goes on here so this will be a collection of some of my favorite artist that I believe (& most feel), are the purist form of songwriting and music that is true and honest as it gets. No fuckin record man or producer or corporate bullshit controlling a FUCKIN thing here. These boy's write what they want and record it and that's the way it should be. No matter how it sounds, what words are said, if it rhymes, If anybody likes it or how they sing or not....It comes from the heart & passion. I don't know.... It's just i didn't grow up on anything less. Music is different for everyone. Everyone has their opinions and that's fine. It keeps me breathing, no matter what Genre, where it's from, what type or style....I have to have it to live. I hope nobody minds the next few weeks of hearing what keeps things going around here....Leave comments if you want no matter what you have to say. It's an experience that can't be described. Chasing down miles to get to a show on the weekends....Open your mind and let some love back in. Nothing hardcore, Nothing "I'm a bad ass" or "Fuck you" about this. It's heart, It's raw, It's ugly, It's real and It's beautiful. PEACE (& a hangover tomorrow). Be back to Motorcycles shortly......

First up...Sean McConnell & Chris Knight. Just cause that's what I'm feeling tonight. Listen to the words.


  1. I watch all these when I get stoned dude. Good Fucking Music! I might be rolling through texas buddy I will hit you up and let you know. I am driving across country in November starting on the tenth maybe we can get up and drink and talk shit.

  2. Do It! i'll be around, Holla