Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Texas Heat.....

Texas is burning the fuck up. This has really been bothering me ALOT...Scary. I don't know the stats but last i heard were in our 9th month with relatively no rain. Driest it's been since 1895 when they started keeping records. 75.23% of Texas has been deemed a D4 on the drought scale....That's the worst rating. And last i heard were in our 55+ consecutive day of over 100 degree heat....Shit's gotta give. Cattle are dying, no grass, hay, water in the tanks.....Time to bust out the head dress & start dancing. What ever it takes.


  1. I'll get the wagon burners around and try and send it your way bro, record week here in Okie, 110 degrees today, and even hotter tomorrow, I feel ya.

  2. Hope that shit cools off a tad come time to head that way for TBR2!! I might become a rag head just so i can keep it wet HA!