Monday, May 16, 2011

Another lesson....

You run into alot of them when your using any & every stock pull off parts you can grab that know body thinks is good enough on their off the dealership wall, chromed out, tassel induced vomit glide....anyways,

I picked up these caliper shells from Bud's cycle that Stretch hooked me up with in the ATX about a month ago & rebuilt them with all new o-rings, piston's & the little shit, went to throw'em on and the rotors are to far apart to slide in between the brake pads...I'm thinking what the Hell?

I'm baffled enough to not pay attention or think straight as to what i was doing. The lower legs & calipers are Pre-2000 & all I have is an '02 & a '05 mag. They don't jive because I totally forgot that H-D went to the sealed type bearings so they made the wheel hub slightly wider to accommodate them thus pushing the rotors out a little wider. Fuck, pay attention asshole. I thought I had everything locked down & was ready to wire it, plumb it, and kick her over.....Sooo, while I'm waiting on a Pre-2000 wheel with the timken bearings & a different set of rotors too because the centers are 2" & not 2&1/4" like the 2000& up i decided to start on a fiberglass seat pan...why they gotta fuck with shit?

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