Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2 DAYS LEFT.....

I'm ready to get this old fucker out the door & bring in some new eyes & ideas for a fresh start in the new year! I'll have a vehicle in a couple of day's (hopefully) so I'll be able to get back out to the shop when i want & need to. It's just too unproductive for me to go another winter with just having a bike for transportation...and it makes wanting to get out on the road for any length of trip less motivating when your on it 24/7. My shovel is finally paid for so I'm expecting it pretty soon. What i nightmare that was. A 30 day turnaround turned into a 6 month fucking & empty pocket's hahaha! Could have just ordered up a new crate motor...but after all was said & done was still able to salvage the original cases..Whoo hoo (insert sarcasm). So...What's in store for this new year? Have no idea. I caught myself looking at a map and events and a calender marking down what I wanted to do & then reality set in reminding me that I'm not that guy. I have a feeling it's a head West kinda year... But making plans & dedicating my self to something is just a stress fuck downward spiral into a dark hole of a frenzy for me. I can't be tied to shit for some reason.... Never have been able to over come that. It's hard to live with I'm sure for the people around me but I hope by now their use to it! I'll decide at the last minute more than likely what I do or accomplish. I don't exactly like it all the time either but that's what makes us unique as individuals. I don't won't this swing arm anymore...I do know that. But I can't seem to give it away either..., so ill drop the motor back in it, make some controls, pipes, plumb it, wire it and make some wheel spacers and be done with it. Ill hard tail it later the good old fashion way. Met some new friends this year who I feel will be around for the long haul & I hope to meet some more out on the road for 2011! Other then that I'm gonna do what I do best & play it all by ear one day at a time & hope to enjoy it! Maybe it'll go a little slower this time..2010 went by faster then any year I've been through & it scared the Hell outta me hahaha. We gotta show to prepare for Friday night so I'll catch you fuckers when the new year hangover's in full effect! So until then i raise my glass to all you THROTTLENECKS out there who may happen upon this shitty blog....May your oil never lose it's viscosity!!

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