Monday, October 18, 2010

L.S.R.R pics.....Part 1

I heard they were goin on the run Saturday morning & might be hittin Luckenbach round 1 o'clockish i left late & got there bout 2:30 waited & thought for a minute & decided to go on towards New Braunfels knowing i had missed the bunch...on a little back road to Blanco i see this group coming. As they fly pass i recognized the famous mustache
up front & the little guy in the back with the mouth piece camera & hit the brakes...thanks Rob for slowin down & lettin me catch up & the stickers! your all right...


  1. The Shovel is Brian's. Here's his blog:

  2. thanks man, didn't get to talk to everybody in such short time but it was cool to see your bike in person!