Wednesday, May 26, 2010


nothing special, but it's starting to shape up a little more each day. Haven't gotten much done lately, too much shit goin on, but at least it rolled out of the shop! SOMEBODY forgot to drop the trees off at the powder coater while they were there so i decided to just hit'em with the ol'e buffer and put a little bling to'em along with the stainless riser spacer's we made. Still wanna see if the raw steel bars will shine up some more then treat'em with some Gibbs to see how long they'll stay that way, That stainless gets HOT! Burned my damn thumbs but i love polished stainless like no other! Kinda like the trees, but it seems too much for the whole front end to be that damn shiny, I'll decide later. Had some idea's for more paint on the tank but ran out of peyote. Still got a lot of shit to do.....


  1. thanks kinfolk, just need the motor to fab controls, pipes, motor mount, and the weight of it & ME to see where i want the back fender & front end to set & i should be good hahaha

  2. Yeah, the front end looks a little long, but it could work that way too.

    Man, just looking at it makes my mind go a mile a minute.