Wednesday, March 10, 2010


There's not any. well none worth showing anyways.. been to hectic around here. The band, birthday's & work is screwy right now. it's been a weird 2 weeks. but it was good to be away from thing's for awhile. did some soul searching. i do the same thing with songs, I'll start the first verse off with some idea or feeling and go right into the first of the chorus, then BAMM! nothing. And then when i least expect it, when I'm not thinking or trying it finishes itself. I almost fucked up and did what i don't do. Forced shit to move forward & make progress. I lost sight of what made this bike me, lost track of what i set out to accomplish. A big thing was ground clearance.ditched the fender supports & fender for now...I'll move on with the rest of it with out giving 2 thoughts about it till I'm close to being done. It'll work itself out in the end. I drive people all around me crazy because I'm not a " time is money" kind of dude. I hate being pressured for time or deadlines. I'll sit & stare/think about it till i see what I'm searching for. And I could give a shit less about money!, but i understand it controls the universe. Sooo...what does all this mean? Have no idea. Just waiting for a few parts & then thing's will be back on track. Stay to come

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  1. Sometimes you have to stop and regroup, but when you do, you can't lose sight of what got you to this point.