Saturday, December 26, 2009


So i get on e-Gay lookin at fender's, strut's just thinking about what i'm gonna do with the rear situation, what direction i want to go and all that jazz. i came across some fender strut's that had like 20 minutes left and the title say's Knucklehead Panhead Shovelhead strut's, Good chrome, Good shape. And that was it! i guess the guy was clueless on what he had or just didn't care and wanted to get rid of'em? Anyway's i remember an old black & white article somewhere much like the How-to-rake your frame one i posted awhile back showing how to cut them shorter but put them back together so there not just a trashy hack job, also Kim Boyle ( had shown on Chop Cult ( how to do the same and i said fuck it, i'll just do that, it's functional, clean,and i'm getting lazy and impatient, so i was out of town looking at them on my phone and won them for 29 buck's. Cool! Just got them in and i be Damn. i beleive they had allready been done! Am i mistaken? are they original's from something? let me know!!!

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