Sunday, November 15, 2009


Here we go, another stupid blog, test test one two one two, i was bored, lonley in this way of thinking i have far as the way i see choppers and what not. the people around here are those of the douche bagger sort. every time i turn my head it's a new fully decked out factory bullshit with all the bolt on's from the dealership, i can't seem to convince any of these fuckers how ignorant they look and sound for that matter. it's funny, one guy has 18" apes next thing you know they all have them. one decides to powdercoat'em black and SHAZZZZAM, now there all black, fuck me runnin, i'm tired. fuck'em, i don't give a shit anymore let'em look like fags. i'll keep on keepin on, i just require a little more origanality and soul into bikes i guess? i like my shovel, i was born too late.

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